hair journey

Hair journey
Hair journey:

first picture is 4 years ago when i bleached my hair and got it cut at the salon. Although i didnt ask for a big chop, they cut off way too much.

second picture is after i dyed my hair brown and got extensions. I made the clip ins and i loved them. In the end, it caused me to have hair breakage due to my hair being so thin and the clips weighing it down.

Third picture is when i would take off my extensions. I had very thin and brittle hair that didnt grow or curl.

the middle row is my hair 5 or 6 years ago. I dyed it red/brown and my curls looked very damaged. I put constant heat to try to heat train my hair to be tamed.

the last row is my hair now. I still have issues with moisture and frizz but i managed to go 11 months without heat and it helped tremendously. I went from armpit length to bra strap length. I didnt remember what it felt like to have long and healthy hair. No heat styling taught me to love and embrace my curly hair.

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