From 2013-2014, my hair has progressed A LOT! If you stick with a regimen that works for you and figure out what your hair likes and doesn’t like then your curly hair should be blossoming. When I first started my curly journey I used products without reading the ingredients. I would use Organix Curl Crème and Garnier Fructis leave in. These product made my hair curly but gave me NO moisture. I started to wonder why my hair is so dry all the time but one day, I decided to buy Shea Moisture’s curl enhancing smoothie &curl and style milk. I didn’t like it at first because my hair was packed with silicone products and I was cowashing. It sat on top of my hair. I washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo and instantly saw the difference when i applied the Shea Moisture products again. These products transformed my hair & my Shea Moisture stash kept growing due to all the BOGO sales at Walgreens. I used them for a year and my curls thanked me by behaving right. I only straightened my hair once in this whole time. I didn’t experience heat damage because I personally don’t get heat damage easily.



4 thoughts on “1 YEAR CURLY DIFFERENCE

  1. Ok as I commented on your IG post I’m starting my loving curly hair journey and I started following so many girls on the same journey and honestly no one has been as involved and helpful as you are and that means so much to girls like myself starting a journey that seems scary and confusing because it’s basically going natural and we don’t how to be natural anymore or better yet appreciate the beauty natural can bring to your life. What should my hair shopping list look like now? More like what should my natural curly hair journey starter kit look like? Lol I NEED HELP! If I could attach an image of how my hair looks now it would crack the screen ok how dry, stringy and ugly it looks. lol


    1. Thank you sooo much! That means a lot! Basically Shea Moisture is AWESOME for moisture and helping define curls. They always almost have a sale going on so just look at CVS, Walgreens, Target, &ULTA. I noticed a change when i stopped using sulfates and As I Am Cowash really helps clean &hydrate my hair well without feeling dry! Make sure to look at ingredients for sulfates and heavy silicones.
      Thank you again (:


  2. Actually my hair looks like the image of your before. Dull but more lifeless with the definition of the curls and it gets knotted easily especially in my nape area.


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