UntitledI always search for quality brushes that are wallet friendly. I will never pay more than $20 for a makeup brush because I feel like it’s not worth it. There are many brushes I have used that work just fine and I didn’t spend tons of money on.


This brand is AMAZING! They have quality brushes that don’t EVER shed or feel rough on the skin.


The core collection gold brushes were the first ones I tried and it was $19.99 for 4 brushes at Shopko (if you don’t have a Shopko then Kohls definitely has this set). This collection includes buffing brush, contour brush, detailer brush, and pointed foundation brush. I was super excited for the buffing brush because I see a lot of beauty gurus using it on Youtube and it had raving reviews.


The buffing brush is AMAZING for foundation! It blends foundation like a dream and it doesn’t soak up too much product.

The Detailer brush seemed to work good for concealer under the eyebrows but it’s not a brush I pick up often.

The Pointed foundation brush was the one I was least excited for because I never liked foundation brushes. These kind of brushes leave streaks and don’t give you an even coverage with foundation,

The Contour brush is great for bronzing up the face and around the forehead because it’s not super dense like the buffing brush. Brushes that are loose like this one work great with powder and helping it not look cakey.



This Travel Essential set is $19.99 at Kohls and comes with an essential foundation brush, Multi-task brush, and Domed shadow brush.


Essential Foundation brush: The foundation brush is the gold/orange colored brush and again, this came in the core collection set too and I just am not a fan of it. It streaks and doesn’t give even coverage.

Multi-task brush: This brush is the pink fluffy one and this is great for blush or bronzer since it is fluffy and not dense.

Domed shadow brush: This brush is the purple one and let me say this brush blends eye shadow like no other! It is amazing and is fluffy enough to blend all your shadows together so there are no harsh lines.

Stipple Brush:

This brush is $9.99 at Kohls and is worth EVERY penny!


This brush gives me an even coverage and is so soft! I used this for foundation and it works great in giving a buildable coverage without soaking up too much foundation.

OVERALL: Real Techniques brushes are great and sturdy, They all are wallet friendly and are super soft. I have washed these brushes SEVERAL times and haven’t noticed any shedding at all. All of these can be found at Kohls ,Shopko, or  ULTA. My two ultimate favorite brushes are the Stipple Brush and the Buffing Brush because in my makeup routine, foundation is #1 and these two work great!


Powder Brush:


This brush is $3 at Target and it was one of my first makeup brushes. I recommend this to beginners because it’s cheap and even if you don’t like it, it’s okay, it’s only $3! This brush is not dense and packed like my real techniques one and it’s definitely not as soft. It’s great for foundation and powder. It blends foundation out good because it’s a flat top brush and those usually work for foundation. It is even better with powder because it packs the powder on without giving that cakey look. It does shed A LITTLE after a few washes but I just buy a new one once that starts happening. If you haven’t gave this one a try, go ahead and get it!

I have tried other elf brushes but this one is the best I’ve tried and the one I recommend.

Sonia Kashuk:

Synthetic Buffing Brush No. 130:


This brush is at Target for $12.99 and is great quality! It is so densely packed and NEVER sheds, even after multiple washes. It’s super soft on the skin, also. This buffing brush is big and has a very sturdy handle. It doesn’t soak up too much product. It’s great for powder and foundation. I recommend using it for foundation though because it gives an even and full coverage.

Synthetic Flat-top brush:


This brush is $15.79 at Target and has a super cute handle. I like how the brush fits perfectly into my hand and makes it easy to apply my foundation. This brush soaks up quite a bit of product so I wouldn’t use it with an expensive foundation. It blends nicely and hasn’t shed one brush hair. it’s also small so it works for under eye concealer. The bristles are super soft, which is always a bonus.

The Sonia Kashuk line is great and some even compare it to their high-end brushes. This line can be found at Target or online.

These are the brushes I have tried and stuck with. I always am on the lookout for quality inexpensive makeup brushes and these are the ones I came by. If you are just getting into makeup or just don’t want to spend tons of money on a makeup brush, try these out.

Do you have any holy grail inexpensive brushes that I haven’t mentioned? Comment below and tell me some of your favorite brushes!


  1. I have a few Real Techniques and Sonia Kashuk brushes that I love. My other cheap brand that I couldn’t do without is EcoTools!! Their eye shadow brushes are soooo soft and they pick up more shadow than other brushes. 🙂


  2. Hi! Thanks for sharing your review. I’ve been curious about Real Techniques brushes ever since but have never bought one. It’s good you have a lot of different types in this review.

    I just have one question. When you say “great for applying foundation” is it liquid, cream, or powder foundation? I have both powder and liquid and I find that brushes that are good for powder foundation are not always good with liquid foundation. Thanks! 🙂


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