How to Achieve Summer/Bronze Glow

I've been so into highlighting and bronzing these days. I love having glowing makeup and it just looks beautiful whether it's summer or winter. I've been experimenting with highlighters and bronzers and I have FINALLY found the answer to that JLO glow! Bronzer:  BETTY-LOU MANIZER  I did a review on my blog about this bronzer/shimmer … Continue reading How to Achieve Summer/Bronze Glow


POROSITY TEST: To determine your hair porosity, here are the steps: Take a few strands of your hair (don't pull them out of your scalp! lol) just take strands from your brush or comb. Fill a bowl with water and put the strands in the bowl of water. Let the strands sit for about 5 … Continue reading DEEP CONDITIONER FOR LOW POROSITY HAIR