I have very combo skin to where it gets oily during the summer and the winter it’s super dry! It can get a little frustrating at times and I love wearing makeup, which means I have to stay on top of my skin care routine.

I know a lot of people suffer from combo skin and it took awhile to find something that actually works! My skin is still not perfect and I’m okay with it not being perfect. As long as I’m satisfied with myself when I’m not wearing makeup, I’m fine.


I decided I wanted to use organic and natural products for my hair and skin (besides makeup cause girl, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. I love Sephora!) I went down to Trader Joe’s and saw this:


Look at that price! It caught my eye and I needed a new face wash cause Cetaphil was breaking me out. I got this face wash and the ingredients:


The ingredients seemed great and castille soap is great for acne and so is tea tree oil.

I pumped this face wash and it came out in a WATERY LIQUID FORM! I was surprised and once i applied it to my face, it burned my eyes! I wasn’t careful with it and didn’t fully close my eyes. I never made that mistake again. I used it for a week and I started getting little tiny pimple all over my face. I didn’t lose hope so I kept using it because the ingredients were too good to let go. Within 3 weeks my skin started clearing up! It makes my face SUPER SQUEAKY clean and takes off all my makeup. Yes, it makes my face dry but I also bought this:


This lotion was only $3.99 and it only has SPF 15. I personally don’t like SPF because I hate the smell of sunscreen! This doesn’t have that annoying scent and smells pretty neutral. I put this on after washing my face with the Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa cleanser. It moisturizes my face really good and feel great on my skin. It’s not greasy at all! The ingredients also look okay:



After I started using these products, my face was finally clearing up and not dry all the time. I had dark spots on my face from scratching previous pimples and they seemed to always stay on my right cheek. I thought they would never fade but I believe this face wash has helped fade my spots a lot! My skin is not only clear most of the time now but I only seem to break out when it’s close to that time of the month. The ingredients in the face wash contribute to fighting acne and fading dark spots. I don’t use a toner but only because the face wash cleans my face really well. I also just wash my hands with an anti-bacterial soap before washing my face. I don’t use a brush or cloth, just my hands to wash my face. I wash my face with this face wash twice a day & it really takes off every bit of makeup at night!

This is my face with NO makeup on and no eyebrows filled in (Excuse the brows). As you can tell the dark spots have faded and I still deal with discoloration but a little foundation can fix that problem. My skin is not where I want it to be but I’m happy about the progress.


If you have a Trader Joe’s near you then give these two product a go! They are affordable and have some pretty good ingredients.

*NOTE: Some products do get worse before better so if you can continue to use the product, you should see great results.




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