To determine your hair porosity, here are the steps:

  1. Take a few strands of your hair (don’t pull them out of your scalp! lol) just take strands from your brush or comb.
  2. Fill a bowl with water and put the strands in the bowl of water.
  3. Let the strands sit for about 5 min. and if the strand is sinking, you have high porosity hair. If the strand is floating, you have low porosity.  

Low porosity hair doesn’t accept moisture easily and likes heat when deep conditioning.

High Porosity hair accepts moisture easily and gets frizzy easily. Protein treatments typically work for this type of hair.

I have low porosity hair and it is a pain! I feel like deep conditioners never penetrate. I have tried SEVERAL deep conditioners and it seems like the silicone-free ones never work. My hair likes silicones in moderation. The Shea Moisture deep conditioners never worked for me and I didn’t like most of them. I did like the Crème of Nature Argan Oil deep conditioner (talked about it in a previous blog post) but I was so iffy about the ingredients that I just decided to not use it as a regular deep conditioner.

I saw reviews on the Pantene Curl 2-Minute Conditioning Masque and instantly wanted to get it.


Price & Size: $4.99 at Walmart for a 10.2 FL OZ.

Packaging: I like the square design and it doesn’t bother me.

Smell: This smells like every other Pantene conditioner and the scent is strong conditioner smell.

Texture: Runny but it has a LOT of slip!



There is silicones in there but the ingredients aren’t as bad as the Crème of Nature one. My hair likes silicones in deep conditioners.

Overall: I LOVED this masque. I first tried it after I shampooed my hair with my Crème of Nature Argan Oil shampoo and I applied this in sections. I put a plastic bag and scarf over my head for about an hour even though it says it can deep condition in 2 minutes. When I washed this out, my hair was silky soft and moisturized. I couldn’t find a deep conditioners for my low porosity hair for the longest and I finally found it! I’m halfway through this after using it 5 or 6 times and I still can get about 2 or 3 more uses out of it. This is definitely a staple in my hair care regimen and it makes my hair shiny.


My curls were ON POINT and SUPER DEFINED!

*If you have tried any deep conditioner you recommend, comment below and let me know!


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