How to Achieve Summer/Bronze Glow


I’ve been so into highlighting and bronzing these days. I love having glowing makeup and it just looks beautiful whether it’s summer or winter. I’ve been experimenting with highlighters and bronzers and I have FINALLY found the answer to that JLO glow!




I did a review on my blog about this bronzer/shimmer (

It just gives color to my face and I don’t find the need for a contour or blush when using this bronzer because it already gives a subtle contour.




The Balm really did an amazing job coming out with the Betty-Lou and Mary-Lou Manizers. This is a champagne colored highlighter and it is SO pigmented! A little goes a long way and it’s best to apply it with your fingers rather than a brush. Oh yeah! Let’s take a moment for how adorable The Balm’s packaging is! This highlighter and the Betty-Lou Manizer both are so finely pressed and they apply so smooth!

NARS Orgasm Illuminator:


I got this illuminator sample tube with my Sephora VIB rewards and honestly, this little tube will last forever! A little goes a long way and I apply this on top of the Mary-Lou Manizer to intensify my highlight. It looks beautiful and it also looks amazing if I mix a dot of this into my foundation. It gives a healthy glow and it isn’t too shimmery.


  1. Apply Foundation of choice (A dewy foundation would work better since we are trying to achieve a glow. I use my NARS sheer glow)
  2. Wait for the foundation to set then powder your foundation if needed (I don’t apply powder on top of my foundation, I just use my ELF setting spray when I’m done with my makeup).
  3. Use a small tapered brush (I use the 1st brush in this set) to apply your bronzer to where you would normally contour. I apply the BETTY-LOU MANIZER to my cheeks, forehead, and temples. TIP: make the fishy face and suck your cheeks in to see where to apply your bronzer just like you would with contouring.


4. Apply the MARY-LOU MANIZER with your finger where the apples of your cheeks are and drag it to your temples. I apply this on the bridge of my nose to highlight my nose.I also apply this to the inner corners of my eyes because it gives more of a glowing look.

5. Apply the NARS Orgasm Illuminator on top of where you just applied the MARY-LOU MANIZER to intensify the highlight effect.

6. Use a setting spray to set everything in place.

Comment below and tell me what you use to highlight and your favorite bronzer. 

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