Farashé Natural Hair Creme Review

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Farashé (pronounced FA- ra -shay) comes from the Arabic word meaning butterfly.  This being the idea for your hair to transform from a mistreated, neglected hair to one that is healthy, light and beautiful as a butterfly (copied straight from their website).

Price & Size: I received a 2oz jar to review but on the website it doesn’t state a certain size, just that it cost $30.

Packaging: This is packaged in a jar which is convenient. I loved the packaging of the green bag and how cute it looked!


Texture: this is a runny texture and I found that to use it as a hair mask, you need a lot to detangle with.


Smell: The smell was nothing too irritating and It doesn’t linger. It has a light smell which I can’t really describe because it’s not powerful.

Claims on website: After using multiple and costly hair products to tackle many different hair concerns (specially dryness & frizziness), I decided to make my own hair crème; which it’d be less harmful and more natural to my hair.  Farashé (pronounced FA- ra -shay) comes from the Arabic word meaning butterfly.  This being the idea for your hair to transform from a mistreated, neglected hair to one that is healthy, light and beautiful as a butterfly.

Farashé mission is to deliver an efficient product rich with real natural oils from around the world: Moroccan Argan Oil, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Olive Oil and Brazilian Coconut Oil and the honey!  This mixology of raw ingredients is the perfect balance between science and nature.

Farashé goal is to provide all our customers with high quality product and being cost effective, by beginning the metamorphosis from a dull hair into a luxurious healthy mane.

Ingredients: water. cetearyl alcohol, cetrimonium  chloride, cetyl acetate, acetylated alonil alcohol, glycerin, mineral oil, fragrance, methylparaben, petrolatum, hexyl cinnamal, coumarin, dimethicone, methylchloroisothiazolino, protein, aloe, argan oil, coconut oil, & honey.

(The ingredients aren’t listed on the website and they only highlight the “healthy” and “natural” ingredients. I decided to review this because I thought it was a “NATURAL” hair creme but this is FAR FROM NATURAL! The good ingredients are listed at the end, which means there aren’t many good things in this. I can’t pronounce or understand most of the ingredients but I do know Mineral oil & petrolatum is HORRIBLE for hair. It suffocates the hair shaft allowing the hair not to receive any moisture. This also has a silicone, which is not stated on the website! I would never put these ingredients in my hair but I didn’t read the ingredients before I applied it because I trusted this company was as “natural” as they say. )

Overall: I applied this to my freshly shampooed hair & tried detangling with it. It took a lot to untangle my hair and the 2oz jar was finished by the time I was done doing my hair. I put two plastic bags over my head and a scarf to let it soak in. I washed it out after 4 hours and my hair felt coated when I got out the shower. I took a look at the ingredients to make sure and I indeed saw that this was definitely not natural and healthy for my hair. I was worried my hair would be greasy but I applied my Giovanni Direct Leave in after and let it air dry. My hair felt SUPER SOFT after it dried but the next morning, it was dry! It was disappointing. Farashé claims that you can use this as a leave in or styling product but I didn’t have anything left in the 2oz jar to try it as that. I honestly think you can’t use a mask as a leave in unless you are asking for build up in your hair but feel free to try it. I would not agree with this company saying they are “natural” & “cost effective” because $30 is a lot of money for a product! I am not trying to bash Farashé but I feel like they should inform their customers to avoid looking as if they are false advertising. Ingredients and jar sizes should be available on the website, also.

RATING: 2/10





If you are interested in trying Farashé hair creme for yourself, visit: 

http://farashe-creme.myshopify.com/ or EMAIL: farashe12@gmail.com .

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