Since 2015 started, I have been dealing with tangles constantly and my curls becoming limp. I don’t ever use heat so I was curious on what was making it so limp and dry. I went on a product rage hoping to find something that will help but NOTHING WAS WORKING! I haven’t had a real haircut ever since I started wearing my hair curly because the thought of salons & curly hair scared the CRAP out of me! I knew I needed a haircut but I tried to make myself believe I didn’t. My hair constantly tangled and my crown area was HORRIBLE! It constantly tangled as soon as I put it in any type of ponytail. I went on Naturallycurly.com and started searching for a salon that specialized in curly hair in Minnesota. I was really picky about the price because I didn’t want to pay $80 for a haircut. I chose to go with Moxie Hair Salon in Uptown Minneapolis:


I wanted a haircut to get rid of my tangles so bad that I scheduled with the stylist that was available the next day. She was still in training and was fairly new so I was kind of worried. I wanted a devacut but the deva certified stylists were booked for a couple weeks. I arrived 30 min late due to traffic and having to drive almost 100 miles just to get there. I was not about to reschedule so I sat around to see if I would get an open spot.

After almost an hour of sitting, I was done & ready to reschedule. Jessica, my stylist, said she would take a look at my hair to see how long it would take her if I came back. I sat down and I felt a little better because Jessica had curly hair, too. She looked at my hair and told me that it was being weighed down by the long pieces at the top, which contributed to my lack of volume. I suggested for her to do a quick cut because my hair was clean & styled from the previous day. Jessica also asked what type of products I used (whether they have silicones & sulfates) and she was well informed on curly hair, which made me confident.

I came in with my hair still having shrinkage so I could know exactly how much she is cutting off and she appreciated that. Jessica wasn’t deva certified but I was desperate for a haircut so I didn’t care. I wanted to keep my length but just cut off enough to get rid of my tangles. Jessica made the top layers short while keeping the bottom ends long but still cutting off any split ends. She also evened out my crown area to reduce frizz and tangles there.


Jessica made my hair have volume while still letting me keep my length and helping with tangles. This was a quick cut with no washing and styling so I only paid $15! Jessica charges $40 with the wash & style. 

Overall, I am happy with my results and if you live in Minnesota, I definitely recommend MOXIE SALON in UPTOWN MINNEAPOLIS. The staff was friendly and I would definitely take the drive up there again. 



As you can see, it didn’t look bad but the top layer weighed my hair down so much which caused it to look limp. 



My hair is now shaped and is so much easier to style because there are no more tangles! I can now wear my hair to both sides & not look like I have a Christmas Tree triangle shape hair. My curly hair is poppin & cooperating with me!

MOXIE SALON (Uptown Minneapolis location):


Phone Number: (612) 813-0330


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