CarmaCare Haircare Review



Carmen from CarmaCare was kind enough to send me her entire line of products to review for my blog viewers & anyone who is interested in CarmaCare. These products are all-natural and affordable. Carmen decided to start her own line after noticing her hair was significantly getting damaged by chemicals and heat.

B’Leave-in Conditioner, $12 for an 8oz.:


This one was definitely my favorite out of this whole line! It had SO MUCH slip and it smells so natural! I applied it to soaking wet hair and it automatically made my hair feel soft and it melted into my hair like butter. The smell is not over-powering and it’s definitely a leave in you could use without anything else because it provides moisture and even some hold.

Rate: 5/5

Dream Curls Gel, $15 for a 12oz:


This is a super watery gel! I usually like that kind of consistency with a gel because it’s lightweight but this one seemed to strip the moisture out of my hair when I applied it to wet hair. My sister who has finer hair than me used it for a braid out and it worked perfectly but for my hair (which isn’t super thin or super thick, either) it didn’t work well. The one plus this gel had was there was no crunch at all (even though it says to scrunch out the crunch in the directions above). It had no hold and it made my hair frizzy. The smell was also a weird fruity smell and it bothered me because I like light smelling products on my hair.

Rate: 2/5

Seal-N-Shine, $7 for a 4oz bottle:


This sealing oil was a thick oil (seeing that it has shea butter in the ingredients above). I don’t like using sealing oils for my fine hair but I tried it on my ends when I did a 2 strand twist-out and my ends were so soft! I recommend using this on only the ends for finer curly heads and all over your hair if you have thicker hair. It’s best used with wet hair because with dry hair, it made it feel like I had build up. The smell of this is AMAZING. like Starburst candy. The 4oz bottle is more than enough since a little goes a long way.


Rate: 4/5

Hair Souffle, $12 for a 4oz:


Now tell me this doesn’t look like MUSTARD!? I was thrown off by the color, I admit but I still gave this product a chance. This was like a refresher for me that made my 3rd day hair feel soft and look good. I would not use this on wet hair if you have thin hair because it will make it greasy and weighed down. Type 4 hair will definitely love this thick mixture because it definitely provides great moisture. I don’t typically use refreshers and don’t feel the need to so I didn’t find myself grabbing this product often. The smell is horrible, also. It smells kind of like icy-hot but not as strong.

Rate: 3/5

Overall: CarmaCare is definitely a line you should try and you can get all these products for $48 in the CarmaCare bundle. The packaging was PERFECT on all of these but some products were a hit with my hair & some were a miss.



This was after I untwisted the twists and fluffed with the Souffle. (PRODUCTS USED: B’LEAVE IN, DREAM CURLS GEL, SEAL-N-SHINE only on ends, Souffle to fluff after untwisting)

RESULTS: BRAID-OUT (my sister’s hair)



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