How to STOP being a product junkie

I know. I know. The title of this post got some of you looking like:


& in your mind, you’re probably like “How ima stop being a product junkie? How?”

When you first go natural and try to embrace your curls again, buying the products your favorite You-tubers use in every video or blogger use in blog post is eating away at your wallet. I can’t lie, I was the type that headed straight for Walgreens & Target once I watched my curl crush’s video but I realized that everyone’s hair is different. I have low porosity fine hair which gets weighed down easily and most of the products I was buying were for people with thicker hair.

Tips on being natural & not broke:

1: Everyone’s hair is different! Just because it works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for you.

2. Once you find a product or two that get those curls POPPIN & moisturized, stick with those products! (This is a major key because once you have a steady routine, it will get easier. You don’t have to worry about whether or not a product will work because you know these products are your staples.)

3. Products don’t create curls for you, it simply enhances and moisturizes the curls you already have.

4. Look through your stash and giveaway the products you don’t like or use to a curly friend.

5. Know the ingredients that work for your specific hair type so before you even buy the product, you can read through the ingredients and see if it will work.

6. Use up what you have before buying more products

& lastly…

7. Being natural isn’t all about products. It’s about a regimen and consistency to achieving healthy hair.

Try these tips out & tell your wallet I said “you’re welcome.”

You’re gonna be lookin like this with all the coins you gon be saving!

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