TreLuxe Whole You Campaign



TreLuxe is one of the first brands that my curls fell in love with. When I first started trying to get my curls back, the “curly girl” friendly products never worked out for me. My hair loved the silicones and my scalp needed the sulfates.

These products completely changed my thoughts on CG friendly products. I tried out the ReFlex Serum, Hi! definition gel, and Untie the knot leave in conditioner. For once my hair didn’t feel weighed down and greasy! I was using a lot of products with shea butter at the time and couldn’t figure out why my hair ALWAYS had build up. With TreLuxe, I didn’t need to cleanse my scalp all the time because there wasn’t any build up.


I loved that for once my hair liked the all natural ingredients because what goes on your hair goes into your body. I always felt guilty using these silicone & mineral oil filled products because I knew they did damage in the long run.


Most products I use will tend to cause me acne on my shoulder, back, chest, or face. TreLuxe does not clog pores & I haven’t noticed it breaking me out at all. I’m very concious about using products that are too heavy for this reason because my skin is so sensitive.

I started using TreLuxe about 1 year and a half ago. I haven’t ran out of most of it and unlike most all-natural products, it didn’t spoil or have a bad smell. TreLuxe products have a shelf life of 2 years and don’t need to be refrigerated in order to preserve the natural ingredients because they have added preservities that prevent the seperation and spoiling of the hair products.

I believe this line has a product to cater to every hair types. As I mentioned in my previous review on this line (, you will need to apply this on soaking wet hair and adjust the amount used to your hair type & density.

I used the Untie the Knot leave in and Hi! Definition to achieve this bouncy defined look.


The ingredients used in these products are definitely one of a kind. I am an ingredients reader so I was surprised that I could pronounce most of the ingredients and I noticed some unique ingredients such as:











These ingredients are what make TreLuxe the brand they are today. You can tell these products were made with time and thought because I’ve never seen brocolli seed oil & many of these ingredients in any of my other hair products!

As you can see, my curls are always on point when I use these products!


I’m excited to share with my readers that these products are now available at select WHOLE FOODS!

If you don’t have a WHOLE FOODS near you, you can always order online at

In depth review of all of the TreLuxe products:

FTC: sponsored post but I would never tell my readers to buy something I don’t use & enjoy myself.

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