Winter Curly Hair Routine:

Summer curly hair is a completely different ball game. The humidity and warm weather doesn’t require you to tend to your hair as much. Once the cold weather hits, the dry and brittle hair begins.

I was using a foaming mousse and serum in the summer, which was just enough moisture and hold for my hair. I changed my routine once I noticed my hair was THIRSTY as hell and unruly.



Start with running warm water down your hair and use a cleansing shampoo. A cleaning shampoo helps to clean your scalp and allow your hair to absorb the products better. I know with the Curly Girl Method instilled in the natural hair community, it’s always use a conditioner only and shampoo is seen as the enemy. I noticed my scalp is clean and my curls are bouncier when I shampoo. I cleanse every time I wash my hair, due to the silicones in my leave in conditioner and the need to avoid product build up.

The shampoo I am loving for cleansing is:

PATTERN Clarifying Shampoo: $20.00 US (sold at ULTA):

I focus the product only to my scalp and allow the product to run down the lengths of my hair, once I rinse with water. This shampoo doesn’t make my hair squeaky clean and tangled. My hair still feels moisturized.


Once I rinse the shampoo out of my hair, I will move onto deep conditioning. You MUST deep condition if you cleanse your hair. I am currently using:

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein-Strong Treatment: $11.49 US (Sold at Target and ULTA):

This conditioner is THICCCCC. You don’t need much and it detangles extremely well. Distribute this throughout my hair while my hair is still dripping wet. It allows the product to go beyond the surface and moisturize the strands from within. I recommend this product for all hair types. Curly hair requires a good moisture and protein balance. If you don’t deep condition, your hair won’t retain moisture and your curls will not be at their full potential. I detangle with a comb or a brush. The brush that is the BEST for curly hair is:

Brush can be found on AMAZON. search for “detangle brush natural hair”.
This comb is great for smoothing the hair and evenly distributing the product/conditioner.

I will put a shower cap on my hair, while I wash my body. After about 10-15 minutes, I rinse the product out.


This step is the styling part. Styling your hair correctly can save you time and frustration. ALWAYS make sure to style on dripping wet hair. Otherwise, the product will sit on top of your hair and cause flakes. I love a product that gives me hold and moisture because I am NOT trying to put on more than two products in my hair.

The product I am using now is:

Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner: $19.99 US (Sold at Target):

This product does contain silicones, which coat the hair and don’t rinse out without a cleansing shampoo. Despite the bad reputation silicones have, my hair does like it. YOU HAVE TO USE A CLEANSING SHAMPOO EVERYTIME YOU USE A PRODUCT WITH SILICONE. If you use a gentle shampoo or co-wash only, the product will create a film on your hair and build up.

I will section my hair into 6 (3 sections on each side of my head). The section I am working on must be soaking wet and I brush the hair out with the detangling brush. I applied about a quarter size of product into each section and finger coil any frizzy pieces. Curly hair can be trained to curl a certain way, so finger coiling allows for the curls to be defined and tamed.

I focus on raking the product through my hair and I don’t like scrunching during the styling process, due to the shrinkage it causes. Once the product is distributed and I finger coil any frizzy pieces, I will let my hair airdry for about two hours.


Once you air dry for about two hours, take a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment and tilt your head forward to get maximum volume. I recommend diffusing, because it gives you volume and more definition. Scrunch your hair with the diffuser to plump the curls.


Thank you!

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