Winter Curly Hair Routine:

Summer curly hair is a completely different ball game. The humidity and warm weather doesn't require you to tend to your hair as much. Once the cold weather hits, the dry and brittle hair begins. I was using a foaming mousse and serum in the summer, which was just enough moisture and hold for my … Continue reading Winter Curly Hair Routine:

TreLuxe Whole You Campaign

  TreLuxe is one of the first brands that my curls fell in love with. When I first started trying to get my curls back, the "curly girl" friendly products never worked out for me. My hair loved the silicones and my scalp needed the sulfates. These products completely changed my thoughts on CG friendly … Continue reading TreLuxe Whole You Campaign

How to avoid heat damage when heat-styling your hair (Tips & Tricks)

Now you know us curly girls get that itch for straight hair every once in a while! I was getting tired of constant tangles and just the look of my curls so I started getting ready to straighten it out. I personally don't get heat-damage that easily and it's due to all the steps I … Continue reading How to avoid heat damage when heat-styling your hair (Tips & Tricks)